February 22, 2019

A new book from the pen of Jerry Bridges published by NavPress is titled Respectable Sins. As stated by the writer, the motivation behind the book is from a growing conviction that the supposed conservative evangelicals may have become so preoccupied with some of the major sins of society around us, therefore, forgetting the need to deal with their own more “refined or subtle sins.”

The Author

Bridges wrote not from the fact that he has attained height in spiritual accomplishment, instead of from the trenches of his battle with sins. Indeed, the book is about imbuing hope in transforming the grace of God to be able to overcome our subtle sins.

Jerry Bridges

Jerry Bridges has long served the church in the area of applying the gospel to personal holiness, using the Word to convict of sin and the gospel to restore hope. This book is a welcome addition to his already powerful arsenal of books. The respectable sins he outlines could often be seen in one’s life which I have been willing to overlook or been overlooking.

This is mostly true of any Christian who takes the time to read it. This book is powerfully executed on a simple premise. Any Christian strong enough to read this book will derive a reputable worth and from considering those subtle, dangerous, respectable sins.

About the book

This book is committed to pointing out the more subtle sins we continue to commit. We focus more on the obvious lapses of society, and our attention to those seemingly great sins somehow convinces us that our small sins are acceptable.

“Respectable sins”

These “respectable sins”–sins, that though they bring dishonour to God, are too often overlooked among Christians. They feel it is nothing of a cause for concern. We tend to forget that those “small sins count” in the long run. “Respectable Sins” get in the way of our spiritual growth and it goes some way in disappointing God.

After about fifty pages of important introductory material, Bridges identified in his own life and the lives of other believers different sins worth noting. Amongst them are ungodliness, anxiety and frustration, discontentment, unthankfulness, pride, selfishness, lack of self-control, impatience and Irritability, anger, the weeds of anger, judgmentalism, envy, jealousy, and related sins like sins of the tongue and worldliness.

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