What are the first books of the bible?
Bible / April 1, 2019

The first books of the bible, also regarded as the Pentateuch, are the first five books of the bible. The word “Pentateuch” was coined from two Greek words meaning “five books” or “five scrolls”. In Hebrew, these books are called “the Torah” which means “law”. They also call it “The Law of Moses” or “The Five Books of Moses” The Pentateuch consists of the following books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Names of the first books of the bible and their meaning English Name Hebrew Name Meaning Genesis Bereshit “In the beginning.” The book tells of how the universe and man was created, the promises of God, how sin came into existence, etc. Exodus Shemot “Going out.” The book explained in details how the Israelites got out of Egypt to the Promised Land. Leviticus Vayikra “Book of the Levites”. Here, the laws relating to Priests and Levites can be found. Numbers Bamidbar “In the wilderness or desert”. The book got its name due to the instruction God gave to Moses to count the entire male in Israel. Deuteronomy Devarim “Words” or “a copy of this law” The book is not a second law, but rather a reviewed and repeated…

Bible , Jesus / January 14, 2019

The Jesus Storybook Bible was released in 2007, and by 2011, it has sold over half a million copies. It then received the Evangelical Christian Publishing Association’s Platinum Book Award In 2014. The book received an appraisal for its solid base built on the work of Jesus and centring of the entire series on Bible storyline.