Not So Perfect

By Nik Perring








22 short short stories; 22 not so perfect lives, where bird watchers come out at night, couples perform love surgery, and a woman is throwing up animals. The extraordinary is everywhere, but an unsettling familiarity pervades. Nik Perring's brilliant debut collection demonstrates the underestimated powers of brevity. Intricately crafted and filled with dark humour, his 22 stories examine the conundrums and contradictions of human relationships, and ask us what it is to be human at all.











An unforgettable assortment of wonky connections that glitter with truthfulness, that spill out ache, that make me nod my head and whisper, yes.


Caroline Smailes, author of Like Bees to Honey



Playful, subversive, poetic and smart, Nik Perring's stories are gems. Every one of them.


3:AM Magazine





Don't be fooled by the title, this collection of stories rubs shoulders with perfect storytelling on numerous occasions.


Joe Melia. Coordinator of The Bristol Short Story Prize


Author Info

Nik Perring




Nik Perring is a short story writer and author from the UK. His stories have been published in many fine places both in the UK and abroad, in print and online. They've been used on High School distance learning courses in the US, printed on fliers, and recorded for radio.


Nik is the author of the children's book, I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? (EPS, 2006); the short story collection, Not So Perfect (Roastbooks 2010); and he's the co-author of Freaks! (The Friday Project/HarperCollins, 2012).


His online home is and he's on Twitter as @nikperring









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