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It's 1994 and English PhD student, Ivy Stone, wakes up in a Moscow flat with a hangover and a vague sense of unease...Unable to remember what she did last night or why there is a cryptic Post-It note on her fridge, she begins an emotional, alcohol-fuelled journey via an Uzbek wedding, an Estonian sauna, and a Georgian serenade.



My Soviet Kitchen

and Companion Guide

by Amy Spurling




Made me laugh A LOT. It is terrific fun, the Companion guide a bonus and the illustrations are a delight. Amy Spurling writes beautifully and wittily: a rare gift. Many laugh-out-louds and aphoristic truths.


Valerie Grove, Times columnist and biographer








An hilarious read. The adventurous, inquisitive and ironic English character at its best, facing the tragic-comic life of the post-Soviet countries. Like a diary of Bridget Jones or Adrian Mole, only kept while living in Russia, Uzbekistan and Georgia. Don't travel, just read it!


Hamid Ismailov, Writer





My Soviet Kitchen has received BFI funding and is currently being made into a film by Tailormade productions.


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Amy Spurling is a writer and journalist, who spent 10 years living in the former Soviet Union and works from her kitchen table.



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Amy Spurling



By Amy Spurling



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