I think it’s wonderful – makes you realise you’ve still got your marbles!…

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.


Patient, Royal Sussex Hospital, Brighton, talking about his experiences with InterAct.



The Mail on Sunday on Max

Stafford-Clark and his experience with InterAct Reading Service.



Nik Perring Blogs about Interactions














Sue Guiney Blogs about Interactions


This gap has been filled by the publication of Interactions (Roastbooks) a collection of short pieces by some distinguished writers.


Robert McCrum, the Observer, May 20th 2012



I was expecting an enema and you gave me a very enjoyable twenty minutes.


Patient, National Hospital, London, talking about his experiences with InterAct.


Roast Books presents a one off, beautifully illustrated collection celebrating the rich array of stories which have been read aloud to many patients in stroke recovery, through the InterAct Reading Service. Interactions showcases the finest of these stories; specially commissioned works as well as unique stories gifted to the organisation by distinguished writers. such as Ruth Rendell, Lolita Chakrabarti and Toby Young. These remarkable and varied pieces have stimulated the minds of thousands of stroke patients across the UK, and encouraged the patients’ own creativity, the result of which is also featured in this collection. This special edition enables these wonderful stories to be shared with a wider audience, and gives an insight into the inspiring work of InterAct Reading Service.


InterAct Reading Service, a winner of the Guardian Charity Award, is the only UK charity dedicated to supporting stroke recovery by using professional actors to deliver a live and interactive reading service in hospitals and at stroke clubs. There are currently over 200 professional actors regularly visiting over twenty hospitals and fifty stroke clubs. There is now a growing body of evidence to support the view that stimulation via reading and conversational interaction stimulates the brain, and via this the rehabilitation and recovery of the stroke patient is improved.






Ruth Rendell with Christian Cook, winner of the InterAct short story competition.

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