Beautiful Words

By Nik Perring


Combining brevity with an overarching narrative, Nik Perring’s unusual storytelling is touching and captivating. His Beautiful series follows the lives of Lucy, Lily, and Alexander through their words, trees and shapes.


In the first of the series, Beautiful Words, fact and fiction interplay within the context of their three lives.


Accompanied by rich, playful illustrations from Miranda Sofroniou, these 26 story-gems invite us into Alexander’s world, telling us of his love, his loss and some of his favourite words too.


Beautiful Trees and Beautiful Shapes, the second and third books in the series, are due to be released later in 2014.







Playful, subversive, poetic and smart, Nik Perring's stories are gems. Every one of them.


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Author Info

Nik Perring




Nik Perring is a short story writer and author from the UK. His stories have been published in many fine places both in the UK and abroad, in print and online. They've been used on High School distance learning courses in the US, printed on fliers, and recorded for radio.


Nik is the author of the children's book, I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? (EPS, 2006); the short story collection, Not So Perfect (Roastbooks 2010); and he's the co-author of Freaks! (The Friday Project/HarperCollins, 2012).


His online home is and he's on Twitter as @nikperring





by Miranda Sofroniou



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