An A-Z of Possible Worlds

By A.C Tillyer




An A-Z Of Possible Worlds is a luxury box set of 26 individually bound, interlinking short stories. Each is a separate work, one for every letter of the alphabet, set in different imagined world. Every box contains an insert map, which acts as a guide to the set, displaying fictional and real places. The beautifully crafted box set, with the 26 mini books within, makes this the ideal literary gift, a real treat for book lovers. Each set is part of a limited edition, and signed by the author. This is a bold and experimental piece of fiction, drawing praise from many authors, with the word 'Kafka-esque' being mentioned a great deal, as well as comparisons to Jorge Luis Borges, BS Johnson and Georges Perec.




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In this modern world of corporate publishing, it is often left to small independent publishers to bring the most original new literature to the reading public. A classic example is Roast Books' An A-Z of Possible Worlds by A C Tillyer, a box set of 26 interlinked short stories with subject titles ranging from A-Z. The outstanding feature of the set is the quality of writing, which succeeds in evoking Borges and Kafka while at the same time remaining thoroughly contemporary. Every story is rich in ideas, each a small philosophical masterpiece of compressed thought. Tillyer's writing is clear, effortless and unforced, another sign of a natural talent. This is fine, thought-provoking entertainment; each individual story is beautifully suited to limited times such as rail or plane journeys. Perhaps British Rail should sell them from their food kiosks and trolleys, as nourishment for the mind!


Warwick Collins, author of The Rationalist and Gents





Each of these little stories travels into the much bigger world of the imagination - sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes warped, but always worth the journey


Sarah Salway



A collection of unusual words of mystery, melancholy and imagination, full of enticing glimpses into the more bizarre corners of the human psyche


Sebastian Beaumont, author of Thirteen




Charmingly inventive


Tama Janowitz







Anne’s background is largely in film and she has an HND in Audio Visual Design from Central Manchester College and an MA in Film Studies from the University of Westminster. Anne found her inspiration from the early Soviet silent films and from that discovered her talent for editing.  Anne’s inspiration for writing An A-Z Of Possible Worlds came from being stuck on trains! As a daughter of trainspotter, she grew up spending a copious amount of time on trains and began to wonder what the other passengers were like and where they lived. As ideas emerged Anne would capture them in novella form and soon she become absorbed in these make-believe ‘countries’. From this the design for An A-Z Of Possible Worlds grew, fitting with the timetables and maps associated with travelling and train journeys.





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A.C Tillyer






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