Roastbooks is a publisher of lovely and unusual modern books specialising in flash fiction and short stories.


The future brings

new adventures for Roastbooks, through

the launch of our booklet editor BOOKIMBO.


With Bookimbo you can layout your ideal publication, from 8 - 80 pages with our easy to use editor. Type or paste text, upload your own images and backgrounds and design your pages exactly as you want. Use your own creative ability to do everything you need to online.


With a Bookimbo account you can make your booklet accessible to whomever you choose, as a flip page book or pdf, and print gorgeous little copies for yourself and your friends.


Perfect for flash fiction collections!  Enter our competition here.


Amongst Roast's projects are the unusual A-Z of Possible worlds and the transporting flash fictions of Nik Perring in his collection Not So perfect. In My Soviet Kitchen, Amy Spurling invites us into the world of her former USSR through the eyes of a British student abroad, and most recently Interactions brings together evocative short stories from writers including Ruth Rendell. We have sold thousands of copies so far and look forward to seeing the first film of one of our titles very soon!



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